Mid-Atlantic Grain Fair & Conference | October 22-23 | Washington, D.C.

We’re excited to announce that Common Grain Alliance has partnered with Friends of Peirce Mill, CRAFT Chatham, and the Philadelphia Grain and Malt Symposium team to bring the Mid-Atlantic grain value chain together, from Pennsylvania down through northern North Carolina. Drawing from the success of annual grain gathering events dating back to 2014, the Mid-Atlantic Grain Fair and Conference will carry forward the mission of building a stronger regional grain value chain through networking, education, and sharing products made with regional grain and staple foods.

The 2023 Mid-Atlantic Grain Fair & Conference will be held at Peirce Mill and UDC-CAUSES in Washington, DC. Over this two-day event, we will come together to celebrate Mid-Atlantic grains and discuss ways to strengthen the Mid-Atlantic grain value chain.

Please Save The Dates and plan to join us for inspiring speakers, exhibits, workshops, tastings, and hands-on learning opportunities, all showcasing the robust nature and possibility of Mid-Atlantic grains.

Sunday, October 22, 2023: Mid-Atlantic Grain Fair

This free, family-friendly event at Peirce Mill will be open to the general public and serve as a celebration of Mid-Atlantic grains.

Monday, October 23, 2023: Mid-Atlantic Grain Conference

This all-day conference will welcome grain practitioners and enthusiasts from across the Mid-Atlantic grain value chain, from breeders and farmers, to millers and distributors, to bakers, pasta-makers, brewers, maltsters, distillers, and other grain artisans. Early-bird registration will open up in March 2023, with a discount for members of the Common Grain Alliance.