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All SPOOM Chapters are committees of the SPOOM Board. Each Chapter is authorized by the Board based on approved by-laws. The by-laws require that each Chapter meet at least twice a year and have a program that implements the SPOOM Mission which is to promote interest in historic mills and to help in their preservation and presentation to the public. The SPOOM Mid-Atlantic Chapter draws its members and energy from the States of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. The Chapter coordinates with neighboring States, such as West Virginia, and all the other SPOOM Chapters.

Our Chapter programs include providing help to mill owners and communities that are engaged in mill preservation and the dissemination of mill information to the public.

SPOOM-MA Chapter Mission
  • To support the SPOOM national organization in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • To attract new members to SPOOM
  • To assist in the preservation of historic mills in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • To be a focal point for historical information on milling in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • To establish and maintain an archive of historical information
  • To establish and maintain a gallery of mill photos for the region
  • To disseminate information on Mid-Atlantic milling through meetings and publications
SPOOM-MA Board Members
  • Dan Campbell, President (2024)
  • Vacant, Vice President (2024)
  • Craig Sansonetti, Secretary (2025)
  • Judith Grove, Treasurer and Webmaster (2025)
  • Robert McLaughlin, Past President
  • Steve Childers, Board Member (2024)
  • Angela Kramer, Board Member (2024)
  • Charles Yeske, Board Member (2025)
  • Lisa Reed, Board Member (2025)