Beverly Mills, Broad Run VA                  Steven Spring Photography - All Rights Reserved

Rudolf Hershey collected, mounted, and hand-framed a collection of flour bags from mills in ten states. Many of the beautifully mounted flour bags were distributed to the original mills. The remainder of his collection was transferred to the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate of SPOOM for preservation and public access. Sample items are pictured below without the frame.


This collection of 40 items is available on loan for use in whole or part by museums, libraries and similar groups as part of educational exhibits or programs. Select  this link to view this entire collection in the Hershey Flour Bag Catalog which lists the items by state along with photos, mill and product names, and dimensions. 

Arrangements for borrowing the items commence with the submission of the Flour Bag Loan Form which contains conditions for use of the collection items.The borrowing entity is responsible for picking up and returning the items borrowed and ensuring they are packed/wrapped in a comparable manner to when they were picked up. Completed forms may be emailed to susan.langley@maryland.gov or snail mailed to Susan Langley, 510A Pafel Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401